The Problems

Expense & Risk

STOs are expensive, complex, high-risk events that must be scoped, planned, scheduled, and executed with precision to stay competitive. It only takes one significant overrun to severely impact a business financially.

Lagging Progress Updates

One of the most common issues in a turnaround is having up-to-the-minute progress status. Typical management reports are often based on yesterday’s status, severely impacting decision making.

Deviation From the Plan

Too often workers drift off course from the execution plan, causing negative impacts to the critical path and resource utilization. Typical progress reporting does not recognize these deviations until after the work is underway.

How a company addresses these issues affects its entire business performance.

The Solution

C2stat delivers turnkey execution confidence by providing a single, unified command and control solution with a real-time interactive schedule.

By radically improving and speeding the accurate data collection process, we enable optimal communication and coordination across your team from the field.


Organizations report impacts that include:

  • Measurable productivity improvement
  • Critical path awareness and improved decision making
  • Vast improvements in overall schedule achievement
  • Better resource utilization
  • Greatly reduced paperwork handling time

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