One Place For All Your Data

We enable optimal communication and coordination across your team, accelerating the collection and reporting of work progress from the field by radically improving and speeding the accurate data collection process.

The C2stat™ LIVE SCHEDULE presents all work order, schedule, resource, and performance analytics in a single web dashboard. This eliminates the need for users to understand the complexity of other enterprise systems. The solution includes work management intelligence that continually scans the schedule for problems, such as impacted critical path, and highlights the problem for users to investigate.

Full On-Site Support

C2stat™ is based on a proven delivery methodology with trained and experience personnel supported by a mobile Tactexs Solutions Mission Control Vehicle/Trailer.



Our work status alert feature enables users to be kept apprised of status without being “glued” to their computer.



Users can configure their own custom views that present only the data relevant to their specific roles.



We optimize your organization’s STO execution plan with a team of professional field execution auditors who work on a proven technology fabric. We free up thousands of critical supervisor and resource hours per event while enabling better informed decision making.

What We Provide

  • Turnkey solution consisting of people, processes and technology to close the gap on real-time visibility, collaboration, and coordination. It will consist of professional turnaround/outage auditors, communication coordinators, and support team members optimizing the execution using the C2stat Execution Management solution powered by the C2stat LIVE SCHEDULE platform delivered in the Tactexs Solutions Mobile Command Center for Command and Control.
  • All monitoring, network, mobile devices for term of the turnaround
  • All required software and setup
  • Detailed project debrief report

Approach Methodology

Tactexs follows a proven methodology for deploying C2stat™ solutions. Our core implementation methodology consists of a six-step delivery path. We also refer to these steps as the “phases” of the implementation, which are often performed in parallel when determined in project planning. This methodology will be further tailored to incorporate site major project practices and will be further customized, as required, upon completion of the requirements analysis.

Phase I – Preparation

Consists of a kickoff meeting to discover project goals and objectives, project scope, roles and responsibilities, and next steps. It will also include identification of team strategic and tactical goals.

Phase II – Specification & Design

We create a Functional Design Document that completely details the software configuration.

Phase III – Implementation/Realization

The back-end infrastructure is built and validated to the design requirements and C2stat™ standards.

Phase IV – Final Preparation

The configured system is demonstrated, and customers are trained.

Phase V – Go Live and Support

The system is migrated to the production environment. Refinements are made to configurations and data structures as needed.

Phase VI – Assessment

The implementation team will conduct an evaluation of the critical success factors and scope of the implementation to ensure that all the required work has been accomplished.


Organizations report impacts that include:

  • Measurable productivity improvement
  • Critical path awareness and improved decision making
  • Vast improvements in overall schedule achievement
  • Better resource utilization
  • Greatly reduces paperwork handling time
  • Tremendous improvement in coordination between crafts, operations and management

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