What is C2stat™?

The C2stat™ solution addresses work execution to include the incorporation of a Live Schedule, and post-STO analytics designed to drive continuous process improvement, providing a proven [...]

What are the features of C2stat™?

Replace static paper schedules with an interactive web-accessible schedule that reflects the latest progress of work in the field. Trusted status on demand. Field Execution personnel working [...]

How much does C2stat™ cost?

C2stat™ is a solution that includes people, processes, and technology. Each proposal is customized, based on the specific customer requirements. Please contact sales at sales@tactexs.com for more [...]

What is the technology behind C2stat™?

C2stat™ is a packaged offering that includes people, processes, and technology. We utilize the latest in technology and an event management software solution for capturing and reporting data in [...]

How secure is my data?

Sensitive customer data is encrypted in storage and in transport. The C2stat™ system provides identity and access management to ensure the right personnel only access the appropriate resources, [...]