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STOplanner is the solution designed to optimize scoping and planning processes through the deployment of an advanced technology platform, streamlining core functionality from your current integrated asset-management application investments.


Role-Based Dashboards

Role-based dashboards allow project controls teams to reduce manual project data consolidation, manage by exception, improve data visibility, easily access data, summarize information quickly and standardize processes.

Multi-Level Budget Development

Allows those in charge of cost estimating and budget control to determine what percentage of the available funds can be allocated to the constituent elements of the turnaround itself. This provides the opportunity to determine whether or not the project can be completed with the available budget.


Work List Navigation

Turnaround Scope Items are easily gathered into STOplanner from numerous sources and easily shared across the whole turnaround team. This ensures one secure list of turnaround scope that all stakeholders can easily access. No more multiple lists of work that may or may not be the same.

Generate and track Action Items to keep the plan moving forward

Action Items can be generated when questions arise. Action Items are emailed to the responsible party along with the documents attached to that Work List Item and a log is kept ensuring responses are captured and the information is shared. This helps to keep planning moving forward.


Detail Job Planning

Activity level Job Plans can be generated in several ways. First, a planner can start with a blank task list and build the plan from scratch. Or, the planner can import a pre-approved template from the library for similar equipment and then edit the tasks to match the conditions. Or, an existing work plan can be cloned from an archived plan for that same equipment. The planner has the option to reuse the BOM, documents, scaffold, insulation, or blind requirements saving lots of valuable planning time.

Materials Management

Planners can create a Bill of Material for each Work List Item and assign the materials to individual Job Activities. This allows materials to be arranged for just-in-time delivery to the field. No more one big kit of parts that gets staged in the field, opened for partial use, then the balance is lost before needed.


The Problems We're Solving

Must have access to company systems not designed for STO planning and estimating. These systems are complex, and access-restricted thereby limiting the visibility to all the event participants and stakeholders. Systems such as:

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for job planning
  • Financial System(s) for budget and cost information
  • Materials Management (warehouse stores, purchasing, etc.)
  • Engineering and Reliability libraries for procedures, equipment data, specifications and drawings

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The STOlogix Software Controls Suite:


STOplanner is the first of a set of innovative modules that will work together to provide STO managers a comprehensive STO event solution. These modules will include more granular controls for costs, materials, scope, analytics and risk.

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