What is C2stat™?

The C2stat™ solution addresses work execution to include the incorporation of a Live Schedule, and post-STO analytics designed to drive continuous process improvement, providing a proven return-on-investment.

What are the features of C2stat™?
  • Replace static paper schedules with an interactive web-accessible schedule that reflects the latest progress of work in the field.
  • Trusted status on demand. Field Execution personnel working directly with leading work coordinators, capturing work status as it happens with over a 90% reduction in keyboard time for foremen and schedulers. Proven teams following best-in-class process optimized by software and technology.
  • Electronic Work Packages. These include procedural tasks digitized, prioritized, and seamlessly synchronized – validating compliance.
  • No more chasing down status. Automated alerts notify line managers and field personnel as relevant jobs start, progress or are completed.
  • Optimized Resources. Real-time visibility to work progress enables effective dispatch of resources.
What is the technology behind C2stat™?

Although C2stat™ is a packaged offering that includes people, processes, and technology, we do utilized an event management software solution for capturing and reporting data. We partner with Mobideo Software to provide the custom information for the Tactexs command center.

How is support handled? Where?

Technical support for the C2stat™ Software Solution is available through the Tactexs Operations team in LaPorte, TX.

How secure is my data?

Sensitive customer data is encrypted in storage and in transport. The C2stat™ system provides identity and access management to ensure the right personnel only access the appropriate resources, according to the permissions established by the company-level administrator. The C2stat™ system includes advanced audit trails to track user access and changes to records within the application.

How much does C2stat™ cost?

C2stat™ is a solution that includes people, processes, and technology. Each proposal is customized, based on the specific customer requirements. Please contact sales at sales@tactexs.com for more details.

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